Sunday, 20 January 2013

Things are looking up for 2013 !

happy new year everyone hope you are enjoying it so far I was thinking how good this year is going to be and I felt inspired to Wright about it.
 This year I am doing crazy and amazing things one of them is going to India to help children there I am going with a team called Raleigh international its going to be amazing and  I will upload photos after the trip.

 I am also doing my first school play which is going to be great.
I am getting fit this year I am going to be doing a lot of running, swimming ( Laura I miss you (went to swimming with Laura) ) and going to the gym as-well. I am planing to give up chocolate for lent which hopefully will work.
but finally I am going to change myself I am getting a different look and i am going to be more focused to my school work.
comment what you are doing this year

Friday, 28 December 2012

my make up box

lip and skin stuff
quick note: I wanted to say sorry about not posting for so long I have been very busy I am going to try to post at least once a week every Sunday so look out for them.
 so for Christmas I got this jewellery box but as I don't have alot of jewellery I decided to put all my make up in this box. I very much advise getting something like this! its easy and simple.  this is very short but I wanted to post something because I haven't been posting in ages but I will be doing a post on my new hair curlers which I am in love with!
mascara, blusher, eye shadow etc.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I was tagged by beautysplash75 to do this and it snowed this morning so I thought it was fitting 20 days to Christmas and I cant wait! so here I go ..........

1. Favourite winter nail polish?
I think that would be my private jet opi nail polish its a dark greyish brown shade with sparkles in it I love it ! and I am getting it for Christmas 

2. Favourite winter lip product?
in my previous blog I mentioned that lip product my dad got me but I think my favourite is a good old red lipstick or the Kate moss one in 107

3. Most worn winter clothing piece?
this would defiantly be my top-shop top its a kind on semi knitted top the front is shorter than the back and it is a nice grey colour  and I'm so happy I got it for this winter 

4. Most worn winter accessory? 
it actually is a long owl necklace which I got in France  its gold and the face is a owl but the body is lots of old French coins its really cool and goes well with anything.

5. Favourite winter scent/candle?
I came across this candle looking for my friends Christmas present it is a lily flame and its called snow fall it smells so nice like new snow and vanilla and every-time I see it I sing sky fall but replace sky with snow because I am cool like that ! 

6. Favourite winter beverage?
that would have to be a good old hot chocolate form Costa with wiped cream and marshmallows but they have opened a new shop up on my high street with is also nice!

7. All time favourite holiday/Christmas movie?
I have a lot of favourites but I think it has to be the Muppet Christmas carol its got Michael Caine who is a brilliant actor in it and it is just amazing and the first time I watched it, it made me cry!

8. Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
slade here it is merry Christmas ! end of story.

9. Favourite Christmas food/treat?
a good old hot roast dinner with crackers and a love some good potatoes at Christmas time

10. Favourite Christmas decorations this year? 
my day brought home some really cute Australian bobbles which are going to go on are tree 

11. Top of your Christmas list this year?
not really anything but I would really like the MAC pro palette !

12. Plans for the holidays this year?
go see family go to church the usual and a can't wait !!!!!! 

thank you for reading I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year 
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